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Your Best Night Out
YOUR BEST NIGHT OUT is a fun 2 to 2.5-hour “date night” for couples. It consists of Nancie Lowe interacting with the audience throughout the event, including upfront games, a message from Ted Lowe with 80% humor, 20% content, and an optional 35 minute set with a comedian.
Joey I.L.O.
Joey’s a high energy comic who’s been touring coast to coast. His unique perspective and family experiences are as unique as his last name. Joey’s vision is to do a clean show so that anyone and everyone in the family can enjoy and not just a certain group of people.
The DATENIGHT Tour is FunandFaith’s largest annual comedy tour, entering it 4th season and having grown from 5 events to 25. We are currently are booking 32 events for 2020.      
A Nite to Remember for Couples combines all the elements of a great date night with practical teaching for an experience that will last well beyond the night of the event.  Hosted by long-time pastor and comedian Steve Geyer from Atlanta GA, the event tours 60 times a year across North America.
The Five Love Languages
  Dr Gary Chapman, author of the New York Times best-seller “The Five Love Languages” continues to impact thousands of marriage each year as he tours North America.  The team at FunandFaith partner with Dr Chapman and Moody Publishing to produce a special 2 hr evening event, the night focuses on two 45 minute talks...
Author and Speaker Gary Thomas, shares his teaching and passion for healthy marriage from his bestselling books, Cherish, Sacred Marriage and Sacred Search.  Whether speaking to married couples or singles, Gary’s biblical teaching with engaging stories draws people to God’s word and a deeper commitment to all relationships.  Gary is available for weekend conference or...