Fun and Faith events combine elements of fun, entertainment, and spirituality within a church setting meant to create a joyful and engaging environment where individuals, couples and families can come together to strengthen their faith, grow closer together and feel safe inviting friends and loved ones to church.

With the relaunching of Fun and Faith since covid-19 we have seen the following take place under the new ownership.

  1. The DATENIGHT tour made a comeback in February 2024 with a 20-city tour across Canada that saw over 9000 people attend.
  2. The planning of its re-launching in the US in 2025 and another 20 city Canadian tour.
  3. The announcement of our next event “Girls Night Out”

For those that want to see a FunandFaith event in their community, both reach out to us and your local church and help us make the connection.




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